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oil resistant hose

Hose products are widely used in machinery, automobile, construction, chemical, transportation, medicine, agriculture and other industries. Various hoses have different requirements.
In general, according to the application requirements can be divided into ordinary hose, referring to the conveying air at room temperature, water or other inert gases, other neutral liquid fabric hose; special hose main oil hose, acid hose, heat-resistant hose, hydraulic hose, mud injection hose, automatic brake hose, diving hose, special hose food, medicine and so on with a hose. The various requirements of different hose recipe is not the same. In addition to food, medical special hose and hose generally do not use black light outside, without exception were applied black, or carbon black and other inorganic fillers and used as a reinforcing filler system.
  Oil hose as a hose in addition to meet basic mechanical properties requirements, notably oil to meet performance requirements. The oil resistance of the rubber vulcanizate refers to the ability of the effect of anti-oil, i.e., when a variety of rubber products with long-term contact with fluid, the fluid can penetrate into the expansion of the rubber manipulation (or increase in size), or oil medium It can be extracted soluble complexing agent (such as plasticizers) from vulcanized rubber, resulting in vulcanized rubber shrinkage (or volume reduction). Used oil has oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, fuel oil and other oils. Evaluation of oil is usually measured vulcanized rubber in the oil, the volume (or mass) after a predetermined temperature and time of immersion of the percentage change in the standard test oil, or the percentage change in hardness (or difference).
   Vulcanized rubber oil resistance depends mainly on the rubber vulcanization system and chemical properties of oil. Oil usually non-polar, so rubber containing a polar group such as nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, a larger difference between the two polar, nonpolar oils have good stability. Furthermore, the rubber vulcanization system has an important impact on improving oil resistance.
    In general, oil resistance with increasing crosslinking density of the network structure to reduce the free volume of the oil leaving the infiltration and diffusion difficulties, thereby increasing the oil resistance. In addition, the type of crosslinks also related to peroxide-cured or effective sulfur vulcanized rubber (eg nitrile rubber) than the general sulfur vulcanization system of rubber oil resistance is better. Of carbon black as a reinforcing agent in terms of filling, although no direct impact, but the indirect effects of oil, mainly in two aspects, one is to increase the use of carbon black fraction and reduce the volume fraction of the rubber compound rubber can be improve oil resistance of rubber, on the other hand are filled with active carbon black, and increase the activity of the higher crosslink density of the vulcanized rubber, enhance the binding force between rubber molecules, thus increasing the resistance to oil penetration and swelling capacity, Therefore, to improve the performance of oil and rubber products.
    So if the oil resistance point of view, in the rubber compound filled with carbon black particles, the higher the activity. However, in practical applications, often require oil hose also be used in high temperature conditions, so at the same time also requires both oil heat, it is necessary to consider the actual conditions of use and processing of products, often take a hard high HAF and soft generic, fast extruding semi-reinforcing carbon black and other methods used. Soft black varieties processing performance is relatively good, especially out of the hose, such as using a particle centered structure slightly faster extrusion (N550) carbon black products are dimensionally stable, smooth surface, is often used in a variety of carbon black one.