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what is a rubber hose?(2)
Rubber hoses are very important in many industries and keep our vehicles, homes, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and many other places running smoothly. the examples of industries that depend on rubber hoses are the chemical industry, food industry, petroleum and mining, and medicine. We have hoses throughout our homes in our kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances, and commonly use hoses when doing watering and cleaning chores outside. Rubber hoses are also important parts of the cooling systems of cars and other vehicles.

   All of the rubber hoses are prone to kinking, which occurs when the hose gets tangled or folds upon itself when liquid is running through it. Proper care of rubber hoses helps prevent kinking. Always shut liquids off at the source when you are finished with the hose, and avoid extreme temperatures when possible. For garden hoses, heavier duty hoses tend to be more kink resistant, and attaching a collar specifically designed for this purpose to the hose at the spigot may help, as will rolling up the hose after use.