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what is a Rubber Hose?(1)

 Rubber hoses have a widely uses in vehicles, in industry and at home. In a word, a rubber hose is a flexible tube 

used to suction and discharge liquids or gases. Rubber hoses come in various   material makeups and size. The 

best hose for a given job will depend on what the hose is made of, and its strength and size. Rubber hoses require 

couplings or other attachments that are usually made of metal or plastic to connect to machines, devices, spigots or 

other hoses.


  A rubber hose will be made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Hoses made of other materials such as plastic, vinyl,

 silicone, or other specialized materials may be used for similar applications. Natural rubber has several advantages as 

a material for hoses and tubing. It has superior elasticity, can withstand high temperatures and pressures, can be 

translucent or come in a variety of bright colors and requires less energy to produce than many synthetic materials.