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Automotive Hose Industry

Automotive Hose Industry


Hose is widely used in industry, mainly in its natural ingredients above, with the gradual lifting of various industries, automotive hose industry is also increasingly concerned about the market, and it is divided into many types, each plays a different role, now I will explain it in details for you.

    1, radiator hoses: for the automotive radiator hose natural cooling, heat sink material as EPDM, synthetic fibers taken to enhance its structure, so that it has a breaking strength, ozone resistance, adhesion strength and other characteristics.

    2, the fuel hose: Many brands now use fuel hose such as Audi, Jetta, Beverly, etc., depending on its uses aramid fibers, the inner layer made of fluorine rubber and epichlorohydrin rubber, the outer layer of epichlorohydrin rubber. It is a composition of fuel hose ready to work.

    3, air-conditioning hose: the first vintage car without air conditioning does not consider this issue, and now the car has air conditioning, so the air conditioning hose also came in handy in the design of air conditioning hose into account environmental issues, so they will have to improve on the technical content stand up.

    4, the brake hose on the car is very strict quality requirements, related to the important parts of the vehicle and personal safety, has good resistance to aging and moisture permeability.

    5, power steering hose, power steering hose what is it? Mainly with the steering problem, automotive steering is very important, if the steering is a problem, our driving safety will not be guaranteed, choose heat resistance and corrosion-resistant hose is critical.